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Ship containing Dry Inert Gas GeneratorMaritime Protection is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in inert gas systems for the marine and offshore industries.

Inert gas is used to prevent explosions and fires occurring onboard ships
carrying crude oil, hydrocarbon gases or refined oil products.

Our focus is to lower the current IMO regulation of mandatory inert gas system; vessels above 20 k DWT, carrying oil products.

Maritime Protection is fully owned by Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions. Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group Company. It is a global provider of cost efficient, fully engineered solutions, equipment and services for new-builds and retrofits in the maritime and offshore industries. Our expertise includes fire suppression and prevention, water treatment, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R), power optimization, power distribution and control systems. A Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions design, produces, installs, commissions and maintains its solutions for the lifetime of customers’ vessels, rigs and platforms.


Maritime Protection AS is an innovation company that develops new technologies, new products and business concepts for products within the gas processing for ships and offshore industry.

Dry Inert Gas GeneratorOur newest product is a system for generation of dry inert gas for application on LNG/LPG carriers and comprises a classical inert gas generator based on combustion and a two stage dehumidification system based on cooling and adsorption. A new concept combining Japanese technology with Norwegian equipment manufacturing capabilities.

Company history

1970 – Maritime Protection A/S is established. The company provedes Inert Gas Systems for crude oil tankers, OBO’s and Product carriers.

1985 – Permea Maritime Protection A/S. Monsanto Company split out their membrane business and bought 3 US companies + Maritime Protection and  re-named the  company to Permea Maritime Protection.

1991 – Permea Maritime Protection became a division of Air Products AS. Entire Permea acquired by the US company Air Products and Chemicals.

1999 – The division becomes fully integrated into the Air Products organization.

2009 – Maritime Protection AS is re-established when Air Products sell its assets relating to its Norwegian inert gas generation business to Boss Montasje AS and Boss Industri AS. Boss Industri AS is a mechanical company with more than 50 years experience in the marine and offshore business. Boss Industri AS are producing complex steel constructions for several Norwegian offshore companies, e.g NOV, Aker, Air Products and Sense. Together with its parent companies and highly qualified employees, Maritime Protection AS will continue to serve the inert gas market. Mr. Steinar Andersen, managing director of Maritime Protection, said in a press release:

Steinar Andersen“The Air Products’ combustion gas generation assets we are acquiring today, will enable us to continue to serve the global shipping-, and offshore industry as one of the major supplier in the years to come. By reactivating Maritime Protection AS, and also joining forces with Boss Montasje, we will be an excellent team to meet the future challenges. We will be able to deliver state of the art systems at competitive conditions, and create new business opportunities with local companies, serving the offshore industry and together take advantages of the effect of synergistic."

2013 - Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions AS (WTS) signs the agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Maritime Protection AS (MP), strengthening the inert gas portfolio for the marine and offshore segments. Read the full press release here.