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Dry Inert Gas Generator

This system for generation of dry inert gas or air, mainly for LNG carriers contains, in addition to the classical inert gas generator based on combustion, a two-stage dehumidification system based on cooling and adsorption.

Dry Inert Gas GeneratorCompared to other adsorption dryers, we have replaced the classical two bed adsorption towers with a new compact adsorption dryer, which have been used during many years in the shipping industry for drying of air.

The key element is a rotating absorber from the Japanese company Seibu Giken.

The main components are:

  • Inert gas generator
  • Inert gas cooler
  • Inert gas dryer

The cooler, mist eliminator and dryer are installed on one single skid with rectangular design, which results in a substantial reduction in size and weight compared to conventional designs. Our modern design requires less space, less energy, and is far more service friendly.

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Dry Inert Gas Generator (DIGG)

Dry Inert Gas Generator